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May 19, 2014 2:00pm EDT
quote military unit was passed with helping to locate works of art confiscated by the nazis and return them to their rightful owners. the monuments men and women were able to locate, preserve and return almost five million cultural items including many of the world's greatest works . art today there are only six surviving members, five men and one woman, of the monuments men. and as memorial day approaches, i believe the veterans who participated in these daring missions are certainly worthy and deserving of the recognition of congress' highest expression of appreciation. mr. speaker, the medal authorized in this bill would be given to the smithsonian for safe keeping and available for
May 18, 2014 10:00pm EDT
inside nazi, germany. both gil and lewis were aware of the worsening condition of the jews living inside. the two men discussed the possibility that somehow they could sponsor a rescue effort. but he reminded the group they had built a summer camp along the creek in a semi rural area about one hour outside of philadelphia in college bill. and had constructed a large one story stone house that included 25 bedrooms. intended for use as the old age home at the moment see in the completely empty. gil had each enormous respect and listened carefully as the sholom leader talked about the dangers confronting the jews in nazi germany. the newspapers had for some time been filled with articles about the growing atrocity sugh the nazis were directing to the jews. two months earlier the terrifying event in november november 1938 the night of broken glass had erupted throat germany and austria. says that afternoon wore on lew was got to the point of his visit. he knew all about gil reputation of lawyers who could solve just about any challenge put before him. and he asked if gil would be will
the nazis as a primer on race. now in not look which the nazis thought was a good example so much so by the way that sherman is presented a medal by the nazis for his work on race. in this book he includes writings of hearts so here's the connection. this guide for mobile writing on race is later referenced in german works that are later praised by the nazis who of course are the all-time infamous proponents of racial inequality. so what we say in words -- what we write and what we say can be dangerous. this sentiment is a dangerous sentiment. i do contend the south had little chance of winning this war if it's a long war and must be get an ally. so to that extent the try to gain recognition. if that had worked there would have been a different outcome in the war. that's speculation. the other thing is the racial part. as the war becomes hopeless you see not just posts but a lot of folks in the south thinking towards that post-war world. they believe in separation. slavery has been that legal separation for almost 200 years by this point he had they realize that's going away. slavery
May 15, 2014 7:30am PDT
nazis are back, and this time, they are among us. >> friends law and the party leader rejects nazi comparisons -- franÇoise any party leader reject nazi comparisons. they want to reintroduce the french fry, the old currency, and introduce import duty on foreign goods. they are convinced these policies will benefit the economy. >> this store sells kitchen appliances. they are here to make sure most of the products he sells are french. we welcome this kind of economic patriotism. we want people to buy french goods, not some low-quality products which have been manufactured on some corner of the earth. we have the means to offer french consumers what they want. >> many people blame globalization for the economic crisis. for some, a strictly national solution is an attractive prospect. by simply turning back the clock, the far right seeks to harvest more victories in the upcoming elections. >> the tug-of-war over eastern ukraine continues. new opposition groups seem to be cropping up almost every day in the east of the country, and in the west, the interim government in kiev has start
May 24, 2014 5:15pm EDT
orthodox jews that they have been in vetted by the likes of the nazis. people came and went during the day. so to work in the textile shops so what a surprise. you will note. the indo heard till you? >> so he says are you coming to the inauguration? been an act i have nothing to wear. [laughter] but then he says neiman-marcus saks fifth avenue air force one associate goes in front of the capitol steps in and anything the israeli defense forces but they use that you wish elbow. [laughter] to say see? see that man? he is the of dr. [laughter] -- abductor. >> those of you that have nothing left to do good check that out with the jewish jokes on you to. i was to give a talk to jewish humor and i made a mistake to read this segment freud they're the least funniest books as written. also the sudden liberation of things that we repress. i could not turn it down. and it's the one i did some of the jokes with how they come into a bar. can he says where did you get that? the. says brooklyn. [laughter] >> i could go on. some somebody comes home at night this is of little filthy but just a little bit.
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 11:00am EDT
? >> thanks so much, eboni. >>> almost 70 years after the end of world war ii, a u.s. collection of nazi art is causing a stir. too dangerous to return to germany but making it public could help viewers understand how propaganda is used. al jazeera has more >> reporter: these are the things you would expect the u.s. to have, the u.s. war experience abroad but a few steps away, the subject matter transforms. >> one of the main issues with this particular piece is that you look at the skull and crossbones, you look at the individual's collar badge. >> signifies the ss. it's a very direct message glorifying the ss. >> this piece is one of 456 german works held at a u.s. army base outside washington, d.c. under the terms of the potsdam agreement on the. >> under the agreement, they weren't returned if they were determined overt propaganda or other nazi insignia or depicted nazi leaders. >> the argument is this has lost its artistic privileges because of the subject matter and message. curetan contrasts art commission with the nazis with the u.s. for mass consumption. >> that's not what you a
May 28, 2014 3:30pm PDT
and, you know, the good doctor here compared our country to nazi germany and that's the kind of rhetoric that is divisive and really tears our country apart at a time when it comes to foreign policy, we ought to be one nation and we ought to be pulling together. >> do you want to explain that? >> yeah, let me address that, because what i said is that most of the people in nazi germany did not believe in what hitler was doing. but did they speak up? did they say anything? and making the analogy that that could happen anywhere where people don't speak up, particularly when they this agree with what's going on, number one -- >> doctor, you speak up -- >> number two, you said what i had said previously, all of those things occurred under george bush. the uprising in iran occurred in 2009. the last time i checked, barack obama was president in 2009. and the invasion of georgia occurred during the transitional period. so, how can you say that those are george bush's fault? >> it actually didn't. but let me just clarify one thing. >> during the political season when we were in the proc
May 4, 2014 6:00am PDT
studios have to offer later on "sunday morning." >> osgood: degenerate art was the phrase the nazis used to condemn of a vanguard work that challenged their world view. the artists in the crosshairs the phrase became a badge of honor at erin more i can't tee will show us. >> nearly 1930s george was a fearless modern artist in germany until his art was denounced as degenerate. >> didn't have to be jewish to be disliked. enemy of the state that meant that he launch lost his bank account, took everything. >> when adolph hitler declared ward on modern art ahead on "sunday morning." >> kevin spacey is revered star of stage, screen and internet. he has been shaking things up in portrayal of a schemer who turns the white house in to a house of cards. talking with anthony mason. >> you discussed this with no one. >> as cover winning actor kevin spacey took a huge risk starring in "house of cards" on netflix. >> people thought they were nuts. >> you obviously didn't. >> i didn't think so. >> his ruthless politician, frank underwood, has become a favorite even in washington. >> bill clinton s
May 28, 2014 4:00am PDT
bandera. during the second world war, bandera initially sided with the nazis when they attacked the soviet union. he hoped they'd give ukraine its independence. but when the nazis didn't give him what he wanted, bandera fought both the nazis and the soviets. (marching drums playing) >> jones: russian tv only highlighted the ukrainian nationalists' nazi past. >> right sector was one of the groups that led the fight against president yanukovych's forces on the day of the shootings. in the square i met one of a new generation of ukrainians attracted to right sector's fervent nationalism and hatred of russia, 17-year-old oleg demchuk. >> i'm studying computer science in kiev. yeah, i want to be a computer programmer. we're all like that here. >> jones: oleg had been involved in some of the most intense fighting that day in the square. >> the guys, right sector, they said, "for ukraine, long live free and glorious ukraine," and they ran forward and we followed them running. we were few in number and then a great many people started running behind us unarmed. we ran at the riot police to
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 1:00pm EDT
painting. a community debates the nazi art work is too dangerous to be display displayed. >> the ukrainian government and the west are condemn, the voting that took place today in parts of eastern ukraine. separatists in the region of donetsk and luhansk held a vote and it is said the vote is the illegal and could result in the self destruction of those regions. turn out was high despite attempts by ukrainian forces to block election workers from carrying out that vote. donetsk and luhansky have a combined 6 million people but only areas living under separatist rule went to the polls. today's vote went ahead despite calls from vladimir putin for postponement. more from the refer endsum from donetsk. >> hastyly arranged, low budget, the referendum drew large numbers of voters to a small number of polling stations in towns and cities across the east of ukraine. this was the regional center of donetsk, would-be seat of the people's repuckp publicblic of donetsk. the ballot asks whether they agree with the proclamation of the people's republic or not. the word something vague on how
May 3, 2014 9:45am EDT
minister to the nazi leaders on trial for crimes against humanity. the author recounts the lutheran minister's many ethical and spiritual conflicts in administering to the 21 nazis as the nuremberg trials and his interactions with the men during and following their trials as they awaited their sentences. this is about an hour. [applause] >> thank you, first, to left bank for having me. it's, obviously, a great bookstore, and i spent a lot of time at left bank when i lived here, so thank you very much for hosting this event. i also want to just thank, first and foremost, my colleagues from the post dispatch who are here and who are my friends and have supported me for a long time when i wrote this book, for the six years that i wrote in this book and for the last two weeks since its publication. appropriately, because they're journalists, they're all in the back drinking -- [laughter] thank you, guys. and thank you, also, to the sort of celebrity in the audience. this is a book about henry ger reck key and his son, colonel hank gerecke came up to be here tonight. he's in the front, a
May 26, 2014 5:30am PDT
. if we look at greece, you will see golden dawn, a neo-nazi party, did well in greece. i believe the latest figures show they won more than 9% of the vote. he said i don't want to form an alliance with the neo-nazis because this is bad for my image. they are fragmented. we see the results of greece. you see the radical left party with 26.5%. it is a powerful party. they don't want to leave the euro. they say greece must stay in the eurozone.. it would be a disaster to leave. on a lot of questions, including economic, they are divided. theyig test will be when try to form a political group in the european parliament. 25 this to happen, she needs from seven different countries. that is where i will see whether she manages to rally the support of six other parties from different countries. sheooks like she will -- has the support of the freedom party from the netherlands, belgium, france, hollande, also the austrian populist. once the group is formed, how will she use this? she will be in a dominant position. will she have a blocking minority? was she managed to block legislation at the
Al Jazeera America
May 12, 2014 3:00am EDT
. the u.s. holds a lot of nazi art. it is in storage and do dangerous to return. >> reporter: these are the pointings us expect the u.s. army to have. artwork commissioned by the military itself, to record the u.s. war experience abroad. a few steps away the subject matter transform. >> one of the main issues of this piece is you look at the skull and cross bones and you look at the dollar badge signifying the ss. it's a direct message. >> it's one of 466 gerlan works held at an army base under the terms of an agreement under german de-nazification. >> reporter: they were not returned if they had slogans, had nazi leaders or depicted certain messages. >> the art commission by the nazis was contrasted to the u.s. >> that is not what you see on the pointing of the gis, the scene of the american b 17 coming in. it's firing flares, indicating that there's wounded on board. >> for u.s. authorities the championing of artistic freedom wag the message, wot the work. a strategy that continued to the cold war. >> for the allies, it was important to show the difference between the rage eems, what
May 23, 2014 2:00pm PDT
. >> breaking with the nation's nazi past and playing the foundations for a modern democracy. >> a celebration was held, but it was not all congratulation. the main speech included sharp criticism of german asylum laws. >> more in a moment with our correspondent. first, this report. >> the german constitution of 1949 was more concise than many user manuals. but in the 65 years since it was approved, it has undergone many revisions. as the german parliament gathered to mark the anniversary, the changes came under criticism, especially from the guest of honor, a writer who is the son of iranian immigrants. >> it seemed that germany established a permanent openness with its constitution, but now it is precisely that constitution that shuts out those people who most rely on that openness, the politically persecuted. they enjoy the right to asylum, a wonderful sentence. in 1993 it was transformed into way monstrous convoluted edicts to hide that germany had practically abolished asylum as a fundamental right. [applause] >> he said germans had to gradually adjust to democracy after the e
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 12:00pm EDT
since the end of world war ii and yet the u.s. still holds a massive collection of nazi art. 500 pieces are currently being sold at an army base in virginia and are deemed too dangerous to return to germany. explaining why... >> reporter: these are the sort of paintings you would expect an u.s. army to have in its vast art collection, artwork often documenting the experience intrad but a few feet away, it transforms. >> one of the main issues with this particular piece is that you look at the skull and crossbones and you look at that individual's collar badge. >> signifies the ss. it's a very direct message glorifying the ss. >> this piece is one of 456 german works held at a u.s. army base just outside of washington, d.c. under the terms of the potsdam agreement much germany de-nazification following the war. >> if they contain swatsikas or dynamiced nazi leaders. >> the argument is this work has lost its artistic privileges because of subject matter and message. curetan contrasts art commissioned by the nazis. >> that is not what you are seeing in the painting of the gis on below the
May 6, 2014 5:30pm PDT
an international uproar over art stolen by the nazis died today. cornelius gurlitt was 81. as "60 minutes" reported last month, gurlitt had a stash of 1,200 masterpieces in his munich apartment, apparently amassed by his late father who was an art dealer for the nazis. the german government seized some of them. it's not clear yet whether they'll be returned to their original owners. as it turns out, the u.s. government has a special unit that seeks out and returns stolen artwork, and vinita nair takes a look. >> reporter: this 2,000-year-old sarcophagus was found in a private collector's virginia home. he said it was passed down from his father, but the ancient coffin was actually stolen from egypt and sold on an international black market. >> by looking at the crack and the cut, it was probably cut up into pieces and air-shipped. >> reporter: so, you basically run the risk of ruining it. >> yes, but, to them, it's just money. >> reporter: james dinkins is the former director of homeland security investigations, or h.s.i. the agency tracks down stolen antiquities smuggled into the
Al Jazeera America
May 12, 2014 7:00am EDT
nazis. >> the key to controlling your dreams is our discovery of the day. >> taking a live look at one of the classic canals of amsterdam. it's just before 2:00 p.m. there. the architecture looks familiar may be because it influenced new york city. r a person >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america >> today's discovery is straight out of the movie "inception." scientists have figured out how you can control the outcome of your dreams the way it happens in the film. it takes pumps a small electric current into the brain, enable sleepier to control what happens. people who had the lucid dreams said they could fly at will or manipulate the world around them. researchers say it could be useful for victims of post traumatic stress disorder plagued by nate mayors. >> nazi art, some want pieces made public. >> first, let's look at the weather across the u.s. i see rain and snow and more storms. >> we can't catch a break especially in the middle of the country. that is an area i'm going to focus in on. across the midwest, we've been battered with rain and storms and this morning
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 6:00pm EDT
troubling statistics. >>> an establish of nartiony art -- nazi art stored this the u.s. why they were never returned to a report shows his health is why they were never returned germany. >>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm michael eaves. here are the top stories - in eastern ukraine org fires of a referendum -- organizers of a referendum say 90% opted for self rule. one man was shot dead. kiev's interim government denies its forces were involved. >> a suicide bomber killed 11 soldiers in yemen, a retall yawings for a yemen army offensive. it rocked a building in the south as soldiers had lunch. [ chanting ] >>> nijia's government is facing mounting pressure to find 276 school girls kidnapped nearly a month ago. the president says he's optimistic that international help will make a difference. >> this woke next set to -- week amnesty international set to release a report on the use of torture around the world. many governments use torture secretly as a means of punishment. western nations are among those underscrutiny. in the u.s., president obama ended the practice of torture,
May 3, 2014 2:35pm EDT
and defiance under nazi occupation". it's a fascinating subject to stock the coast of england. she's a professor of communication studies at the department of lynchburg college and she was named virginia professor of the year by the carnegie foundation in 2001. craig shirley on the far left of myself is the author of "the new york times" bestseller "december 1941". he is an acclaimed historian. he has authored two reagan books, reagan's revolution and "rendezvous with destiny" and he is the reagan scholar at eureka college and a widely sought after commentator and speaker. without further ado i would like to introduce cheryl and her presentation with her book. >> on the british channel island of guernsey everyone seems to be in a dreadful hurry. if you wander today through the narrow winding streets of st. peter you may hear rapid footsteps behind you as young and not so young islanders walk briskly past. i once felt the light sharper wrap up a woman's cane on my leg 85 if she was a day, to urge me out of the way if i lollygag through the narrow winding streets that is an exte
Al Jazeera America
May 9, 2014 1:00pm EDT
victory over the nazis in world war ii. it was going to provide a platform for a massive outpouring of pro-russian sentiment. people shouted solidarity with mosque o mosque. people. >> russians are killing people in odessa. it's a message which is being warmly received by the beam people behind me. >> in a town of slovyansk where pro-russian militia are firmly in control room, the march was smaller but perhaps even more e de. speeches drawing parallels between the nazis and the current government in kiev. >> translator: today, fascism raises its wild face again taking power with armed force. we will never recognize those authorities. ♪ >> reporter: in kiev, there was tight security as the acting prime minter and other members of the interim government attended their victory day commemorations. >> the escalating situation and this problem for those who possess arms. we will bring them to justice. but we started nationwide dialogue two weeks ago and we believe that the country rewill be united. >> ukraine doesn't look very united at the moment. paul brennan, al jazeera, dondon. >> w
Al Jazeera America
May 9, 2014 12:00pm EDT
injured. the day after russia's victory over the nazis in world war ii. with pro russian sentiments. several thousand rushed to the square, speaking of solidarity with moscow. >> fascists killed people here in donetsk in world serie world. and now they're killing people in odessa. it's a message to the people behind me. >> in donetsk, pro russians are in official control. drawing parallels between the nazis and the current government in kiev. >> today fascism raises it's face again. we will never recognize those authorities. >> in kiev, there was tight security as the acting prime minister and other members of the interim government teamed their victory day commemorations. >> escalating the situation, this problem is against those who want terrorism. we have started a nation-wide dialogue a few weeks ago, and we believe that the country will be united. >> ukraine doesn't look very united at the moment. paul brennan, aljazeera, donetsk. >> meanwhile, russia's president is in crimea for victory day celebrations since they annexed the region from ukraine in march. and reporting. >> on
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May 15, 2014 11:31pm PDT
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May 16, 2014 1:33am PDT
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May 21, 2014 6:57pm PDT
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May 30, 2014 6:52pm PDT
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May 26, 2014 5:00pm PDT
simply have to stand up. think nazi, germany. most of those people did not believe in what hitler was doing. >> yep. >> exactly. >> but did they speak up? >> nope. >> did they stand up for what they believed? they did not. and you saw what happened. and if you believe that the same thing can't happen again, you are very wrong. >> and joining us now from virginia beach is dr. carson. if you mention nazis you know you are going to get hammered. what you said there at the end there intrigued me a bit. you said if you believe it can't happen again -- see i didn't believe that naziism could happen in the u.s.a. i don't think it could happen nor could communism happen here. do you disagree with me? >> well, i believe that what can happen is if people do not speak up for what they believe, they can be trampled. their rights can be trampled to various and sundry degrees. now, of course, the objective of many on the left is to take a single word that you are not supposed to say. you can't say nazis and slavery, that's political correctness as you well know. i do not believe in that. i think it
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 9:00am EDT
back to german. still ahead. >> an collection of nazi art. >> life gets increasingly difficult in syria where one of life's necessary he isties is running out in sport, a horrifying crash in the latest round of the indy car championship. those details coming >>> the suicide car bombers has killed at least 11 yemeni officers. it appears to be a revenge attack by al-qaeda over the enemy army's campaign south sudan's ceasefire meant to stop fighting could be on the verge of collapse. the agreement was struck on friday between president salv salva kir and the opposition party. >> more on the top story, the crisis in ukraine. the u.s. has condemned the he haver endum' simple rule as a violation of international law guas jonah hull reports from donetsk, many have ignored warnings and cast their votes anyway. the referendum drew large numbers of voters to a small number of polling stations in eastern ukraine. this was the regional city of donetsk, would-be seat of the people's republic of donetsk. the ballot paper asks whether voters agree with the proclamation of the people's republic or not.
Al Jazeera America
May 10, 2014 4:00am EDT
defeet of the nazis in 1942. another day of deadly violence for the first time russia annexed crimea, provocative could signal a turning points in the crisis. "america tonight"'s smiive sheila macvicar wit"america tonh more. >> most patriotic day in russian calendar. the day that signaled the are defeat of nazi germany in 1945, russian president vladimir putin watched as the biggest military parade seen in 20 years in red square marched and rolled past. >> this is when all of us feel especially strongly. what it means to be true your mother land and how important it is to fight for its interest. >> reporter: and there could be no mistaking just what interests he was referring to. when hours later, he made this triumphal appearance in the annexed crimea. a spectacle of war ships and fighters. a jubilation in the town of sevastopol,. >> into the history of our whole country as the year when all citizens here the people resolutely decided to be together with russia. >> reporter: in ukraine's capitol kyiv, today's commemoration of the nazi defeat was a more somber affair. overshadowed by
Al Jazeera America
May 19, 2014 10:00am EDT
was built about how he had been a traitor to the nazis, and we are not going to have time to get into the detail. i'll leave it as a tees, because the book is full of fascinating characters, full of history, and is it gets you inside the russian mind. >> thank you. >> as always, great to have you on the show. >> thank you. >> "consider this" will be >> on techknow... >> i'm at the national wind institute, where they can create tornados... >> a greater understanding... >> we know how to design for the wind speeds, now we design for... >> avoiding future tragedies >> i want a shelter in every school. >> techknow every saturday, go where science, meets humanity. >> this is some of the best driving i've ever done, even though i can't see. >>techknow >> is there an enviromental urgency? only on al jazeera america >> now inroducing, the new al jazeea america mobile news app. get our exclusive in depth, reporting when you want it. a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for su
Al Jazeera America
May 18, 2014 12:00am EDT
- a whole story was built about how he had been a traitor to the nazis, and we are not going to have time to get into the detail. i'll leave it as a tees, because the book is full of fascinating characters, full of history, and is it gets you inside the russian mind. >> thank you. >> as always, great to have you on the show. >> thank you. >> "consider this" will be the most important money stories of the day might effect your savings, your job or your retirement. whether it's bail-outs or bond rates this stuff gets complicated. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real. al jazeera america. we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. >> we pursue that story beyond the headline, pass the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capital. >> we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. >> and follow it no matter where it leads - a
Al Jazeera America
May 9, 2014 8:00pm EDT
celebrating 70 years since the soviet army liberated from the nazis. many spectators drew parallels by the push by some to break away as well. >> translator: now i understand what they felt during their victory day and when peace returns to ukraine, we'll celebrate their victory day. >> reporter: this man served in world war ii. he is proud people remember the era, but he is thinking about more recent represents here. >> translator: crimea became russian without the use of any force. there have been stories about people with arms. it's all nonsense. >> reporter: for russians victory day is a chance to commemorate the defeat of fascism. many people believe a similar struggle is underway in ukraine. and the appearance of their president made this occasion especially important. >>> matthew schmidt is a professor of national security at new haven and joins us tonight villa skype. he has been appointed as a monitor to oversee the up coming elections in ukraine. welcome. >> thank you. >> what is your reaction to vladimir putin's dramatic appearance in crimea? >> it was a victory lap. it was grea
event this center is named after a survivor of the nazi holocaust after liberation devoted his life to bring justice to the victims of the holocaust did become a human rights champion. to insure the lessons of that period are never forgotten that jews or others would ever suffer such a fate again. in a sense there is a great affinity between that and the trail blazing work of professor davis. does not take more than a glance our own world to see how we have fallen short of the ideal and suppression and genocide are continually present even today. he reminds us in the epilogue of the book that slavery still exist and could even be restored on a large scale in today's world. but the affinity runs deeper. professor davis is shaped by the events of world war ii. and as he has written and stated the shadow of the holocaust and with the world's greatest war to embark on his career with the goal with the superficial propaganda in perspective and the comprehensive view what people thought and why they did it. group's this was written in 1946 and that list has grownr> longer and wider. looking
May 24, 2014 12:30pm EDT
legislation which has been enacted. .. owner vince, the abortion clinics, as falling in nazi death camps. and we looked at radical environmentalists and animal liberation movements. the ego extremists are drawn from the ranks of mainstream groups but they have become disaffected with conventional political lobbying, and groups such as the earth liberation front and animal liberation front, some of the most extreme elements, and advocate the collapse of technological civilization. ego extremists have been responsible for considerable amount of property damage so not many fatalities. there are indications that some people in the movement have adopted a more apocalyptic and misanthrope a world view. as a consequence, they could be inclined to wage lethal attacks in the future. since the 1990s the fbi has identified eco extremists as a serious domestic terrorism threat. jeffrey m. ross explored extremism in american prisons. various politically expedient get-tough approaches to crime have resulted in chronically overscrowded business and prisons are often incubators for extremism for o
May 14, 2014 7:00am EDT
about much. western ukraine and world war ii welcome the invading nazi troops , collaborated with them to a great extent. there was even an ss division formed with western ukrainians which committed all kinds of atrocities in poland and other laces in just a few weeks ago, about three weeks ago, there were some reunions of descendents of the ss divisions in the western ukraine. they were marching through the streets with their banners. tell us a little bit about that withry that goes on today what i would call neo-nazis that we seem to be supporting. tell the american people little bit about that. >> there is no doubt that in world war ii, the ukraine's were provided and -- divided and there were some parts of ukraine that were so unhappy with stalinist rule that they were prepared to back a german invasion and work with them. remember, this is a stalinist regime that had been responsible for huge famine in the ukraine in the previous decade and one of the most brutal regimes in history that had become deeply by many inopposed the western ukraine. throughout eastern europe, and world w
Al Jazeera America
May 13, 2014 10:00pm EDT
the refugees found themselves victims of nazi concentration champs. >> joining us is martin goldsmith who retraced their lives, and to their tragic deaths. it's the basis of a new book: >> martin, good of you to join us. you say in the book you felt a need to connect with the vani vanished generation of your family murdered a decade before you were born. why did you choose to trace the life of your grandfather and uncle to trace the path that ultimately led to your grandparent's death. >> my parents survived in nazi germany because they were musicians. they made it safely to america in 1941. by that time my father's father and his younger brother were held in camps. they wrote letters to my father, and when i began work on the first book, my father gave me a stack of letters saying you should learn about this. my father heard guilt not saving his father and brother. i think he managed to pass on the guilt unknowingly and unwittingly to me. when my father died in 2009 and when my brother died of a heart attack less than a year later, having lost my father and brother i decided to trace
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May 11, 2014 8:00pm EDT
high-flying technology for his country. >>> coming up on al jazeera america - stash of nazi-held arts stored in the united states. why the pieces have not been returned to germany. it's >>> almost 70 years after the end of world war ii a u.s. collection of nazi art is kauing a stir. a post-war agreement makes it illegal to be returned to germany. historians say making it public will help many understand how propaganda was spread. >> those are the paintings you expect the u.s. army to have. artwork commissioned by the military itself to regard the u.s. war experience abroad. a few steps away, the subject matter transforms. >> one of the main issues with this piece is that you look at the skull and cross bones and look at the individual's collar badge and it signifies the ss. it's a direct message glorifying the ss. >> this piece is one of 456 german works held at an army base outside washington d.c. under the terms of the agreement on german de-nazification. paintings were not returned if they were swastikas, other insignia or leaders. >> the art is that this work lost the privile
Al Jazeera America
May 17, 2014 9:00pm EDT
built about how he had been a traitor to the nazis, and we are not going to have time to get into the detail. i'll leave it as a tees, because the book is full of fascinating characters, full of history, and is it gets you inside the russian mind. >> thank you. >> as always, great to have you on the show. >> thank you. >> "consider this" will be right back. >>> may 13th marks an intent for the hollow caused. the st. louis ocean liner left germany on what is known as the voyage of the damned. more than 900 expected to find asylum in cuba. they were turned away and rejected by the united states and canada. forced to return to europe, many found themselves victims of nazi cop sen tryings camps. -- concentration camps. martin goldsmith traced the lives of his father and grandfather. it's the subject of a new book. martin, good of you to join us. you say that you felt the deep need to connect with that vanished generation of your family which was murdered a decade before you were born. why did you choose to trace the life of your grandfather and uncle to follow the path that led to the
May 7, 2014 6:00pm PDT
the nazis. and here in eastern ukraine and across russia, they are planning on holding big celebrations. all of the pro-russian nationalists are going to come out. that is a potential enormous flashpoi flashpoint. it is a point of pride for the russians here, who have been wearing the same armbands and colors that were symbolic of the russian victory over the nazis. and this whole conflict is being couched in that world war ii ideology that once again, russians and pro-russian nationalists here in ukraine are fighting the nazis, who took over in kiev. so that's a potential big flashpoint. then this referendum was supposed to take place just on the heels of russia's equivalent of v.e. day. will it take place or not is now an open question. but if there's big clashes on friday, then you could see a situation where putin said, look, i did my best, i pulled back troops, i was calling for peace. now look at the violence on the ground. it's not my fault. it's those nazis in kiev who didn't want to pick up this gauntlet of peace that i've thrown down. >> fascinating. you're exactl
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. >> austria. .. >> austria has so much soul. james. >> nazi by nature. >> chris: i am giving you a standing ovation of points. and look at this naughty slovakian bro. >> chris: james. >> check yourself before you slovak yourself. >> chris: points. that is the end of name that foreign rap and time for our next game photo shop of horrors. photoshop of horrors. .. photoshop puts the power of god into mere idiots, you know, like a gun. and with great power comes great big giant stupid mistakes. photo shop rounds these pictures up in one place so you can laugh on the toilet or wherever you do your serious computing. comedians i am going to show you a tiny part of a photo shop disaster and i want you to tell me what is wrong with the big picture. first one look at this first one. i don't know, looks okay so far, he is in a tux and he has things to do, does he have three eyes or spaghetti arms. >> i am going to say spaghetti arms just because i want to see that. >> chris: show me spaghetti arm! >> there it is. i wondered. i mean, when i look all i can think is what is this? what is t
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. >> chris: points. dan and jared. >> nazy. >> chris: points. real good jamie. >> gluey ck. >> chris: points. jared. >> mnayy shyamalan. >> there are a lot a famous people with nay in it. >> you think the horse is going to fish finish the race and something weird happens. >> sean hooky combs. >> yes. so good, point. >> chris: jared. >> money laundering scheme. >> chris: yeah okay. i get it. dan. >> joy louse behar. >> chris: nice. points. >> lackey stand-up comedy. >> >> chris: points. all right. that brings us to the end of kentucky derby and i see that dan st. germain you are in third place i am so sorry to lose you and your beard. anything to say before i release you into the wild. >> just thank my st. germain-iacs. >> sickle-cell research and the rain forest. and whatever else will help me get laid. >> hashtag (bleep)! >> chris: gets the cameras ready, it is for the win! [ cheers and applause ] >> chris: this is on reddit over the weekend a user on reddit dliems have taken the selfie of the year, i don't know, i am a little skeptical in order to do that you would probably have to
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picasso. cole is enamored of the banks from his father who was in up to you but for the nazis. he made a deal with gentle far east or fraternity was proven to be stolen by the nazis to their rightful owners. this was the only advances it's like to be the heir to his collection but will also be topped by a bad deal. just a taste here on the dock and juicing. i have. he is. i know. what's more it's a good story each day. excludes any team that works. to top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington thick enlightenment you are lacking here in philly this weekend is here. right from the event with me. the advantage that i can take that steely checked in you and makes the networks to work and he makes the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. coming up today from friends twenty four. allied to the top of the day. monday to thursday at seven pm on nbc the church. chelsea boss and all that don't. to find a way which e
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jerusalem and bethlehem. memorial tosrael's the jews killed by the nazi s. francis said he was shamed by what man was capable of doing. is as important to his middle east peace initiative as the time he spent with the palestinian's. he did more than most to show the palestinians that he believes in their case for independence. now he has got to show the israelis he takes their concerns equally seriously, or his attempt at mediation will have no chance at all. the pope's invitation to come to rome to pray for peace has been accepted. gestures will not end the conflict. they can change the atmosphere which at the moment will be more than anyone else has done. symbolism from the pope. the voting in presidential elections is underway, and it is expected that a former army chief will come to power. removed morsih or after massive public poo rotests. opponents say he will bring back authoritarian rule. >> in downtown cairo voters queued for early morning. eager to choose a new pharoah after years of turmoil. for many here, the key issue is stability, since they are looking to one man
May 9, 2014 1:00am EDT
systems will rumble across red square to commemorate soviet victory over nazi germany in 1945. its muscles inng the standoff with the united states over ukraine. >> the parade kicks off 10 minutes ago. has been shown on camera congratulating the veterans. is he going to go to crimea to review the troops and russia's navy? angela merkel saw fit to say he would recommend you not do that, that would be sincerst trip to crimea russia annexed the peninsula. we saw him make some conciliatory comments. he softened his tone. the west says he did not follow it up with some of the things he was from a thing. you also have this into a tory -- conciliatory tactic from the central government in ukraine. we are still headed for more trouble. the separatists regions in the easternmost part of ukraine, they are still set to hold this referendum on sunday. that will be very volatile. foreignion, the eu ministers gather on monday and the expectation is they will rubberstamp some sanctions that they have agreed on against more russian individuals. and some russian companies. >> explained to us, tell
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